450 XC-W Exhausts or ECU Tuning


2015 KTM 450 XC-W. Does anybody know how much the XC-W 4 strokes benefit from aftermarket exhausts or ECU tuning? The bike runs well as it is, but I’m curious what others have done. I know the EXC’s are bottled up, but I think the XC-W’s are less restricted from the factory.

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  1. You’re right, those XC’s are ready to go.

  2. XCW is ready to go. Just ride it.

  3. I had heard that an ECU remap may help it run cooler. It does run pretty hot, especially at slower speeds. I guess I’ll just have to ride faster!!

  4. I ride mine in extremely tight woods in the southeast. It’s held up just fine.\nIt’s recently been ‘demoted’ to dual sport however.

  5. I put the full fmf system on mine and turned down the tps. The fmf adding a bit of power(not worth the money). The tps adjustment also made it stop backfiring and made it run cooler. Mine is the 500 xcw so it really doesn’t need any power. I’ve run mine for 300 hours and havnt done anything to the engine

  6. I also adjusted the tps on mine but to help stop flame outs that were not all that common but did it enough to be a pain.

  7. if it runs hot try adding a Boyesen super cooler, my 350 would boil over on tight trails but now I can ride anything

  8. I have a 14 450xcw and the best money I’ve spent on it was a new fuel rail and a tps adjustment! Not sure if you have the same rail on the 15 model

  9. Leave it alone and be happy.

  10. Remap the ECU you’ll be glad you did. Leave the exhaust alone

  11. On a Dyno the stock exhaust works better than any other aftermarket exhaust

  12. How about improving your riding skills instead of messing up a perfectly good bike? The ktm engineers are a lot smarter than we are. Lol

  13. I have the same bike, only thing I did was ad a sx muffler and adjust the tps. Now riding tight trails in wv the fan rarely kicks on, with the xcw muffler it ran a little warm. Sometimes i think about trading or looking for a 350, this thing has plenty of steam and im 260 without gear.

  14. How loud is the SX silencer?

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