36-38psi seems fine for street use


Tire pressure question.

36-38psi seems fine for street use but I notice when riding fire roads the back tire chatters around and ABS is downright sketchy. I just turn off ABS on dirt but

Can I safely run 22-25 psi for mixed back roads/ dirt riding?

TKC 80's on tubeless cast rims….

36-38psi seems fine for street use

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  1. 24-26 would be safe, just try to avoid rocks and potholes because it’ll be easier to ding a rim. You’ll love the difference in traction and feel.

  2. 2nd that. 25# is kind of the sweet spot.

  3. Why yes, yes you can. Nice G650GS. I have one too.

  4. Where’s that bridge? It looks familiar.

  5. I always run 18-20 on my G650GS cast wheel in in South East Asia’s muddy terrain. Great traction, never punctured the tubeless tires

  6. Go by feel and watch your tires. You want some level of deformation as that is your traction. I typically run about 12-15 but that’s in my light DR350. As was stated earlier the lower the pressure the greater the risk of wheel damage from impact, particularly up front.

    Also if you have tubes be aware that if you get too low you run the risk of spinning the tire on the wheel and ripping the stem out, that’s where rimlocks shine (certainly not when installing the damn tires!).

  7. On that bike you can easily drop your rear to 15 psi. I go that low on my 09 1200.
    The front will track much better about 18-20.

  8. And yes, I also have many off-road miles with cast wheels.

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