32 inch tire for Zforce 1000


Okay I just purchased these 32" off a friend for my Zforce 1000. I am installing a 2" bracket lift, 1.5" high clearance A arms and 1.5" wheel spacers. My question is should I clock the clutch to B-2 38 degrees or A-2 58 degrees? Any knowledgeable advice would be greatly appreciated.

32 inch tire for Zforce 1000

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  1. Wait and see how it runs before you change the clutch

  2. You do know that the high clearance a-arms don’t lift it right?

  3. Which bracket lift are you using ?

  4. I have 30" tires if I can’t get the 32"s stuffed under my rig lol

  5. I’ve seen a z on 32.5 outlaws on stock clutch. He said he doesn’t ride in mud or on trails without being in low though. Not because it wouldn’t pull in high he just didn’t try it

  6. Awful big, you’ll find the wear of components increases exponentially, remember all components were designed for the stock size tires. Spacers, bigger tires add far greater stress to all components. Just saying expect far more wear and expect breakage.

  7. With that much increase in weight and rotational mass the secondary must be adjusted..no getting around that so start with B2. Hell I run B2 with my 27s but my 8-ply Reapers are very heavy and I ride in higher altitudes.

  8. I ran 30’s with stock clutching and I liked it

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