30 lbs on an R1-14B vs 180 on an R1-14B


130 lbs on an R1-14B vs 180 on an R1-14B will the weight difference really give the lighter rider that much of advantage? And what if the 180lb guy had a 2015+ R1?

Stock bikes***

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  1. Assuming same rider skill, yes, 50lbs will make a big difference

  2. Depends on rider and whats done to both bikes

  3. If 180lb is on 15+ he is winning. I have 19 and went up against a kid that had a 12 with near same mods and was 140lbs I am 205lbs and destroyed him

  4. Assuming bikes are the same and rider skill is the same weight will be a huge factor. I have a 2016 R1 and my buddy has a 2018 R1 and mod for mod we have done the same stuff except he has better suspension and carbon fiber wheels and when we race straight line if he wins it’s barely a win if I win there are car lengths between us. He is 40 pounds heavier

  5. What do you think? Why race teams swap out all the bolts for titanium

  6. Sounds like a Harley would suit you better

  7. Power to weight ratio

  8. Better rider will win on identical bikes. Now if riders are equal then the lighter person for sure, 5 pounds will make a difference so for sure 50 will.

  9. I’m 220, put me on a greyhound dog and see how that poor greyhound runs

  10. At a real track? Rider skill wins. The weight won’t make a huge difference.

  11. Horsepower to weight ratio makes a difference if rider skills and machines are the same.

  12. Get on google or youtube and type in power to weight ratio.

  13. Whats the race?? Straight quarter mile? A few roll races? Or at the track? A heavy skilled rider can win at track. A lighter and less horse power bike can win in short sprints.

  14. At one point I weighed 60lbs less than a friend he was on a r1 I was on r6 he was barely pulling away makes a huge difference

  15. light weight equals horsepower

  16. Assuming everything else is equal, including rider skill, then yes. The stock R1 has a wet weight of around 450 pounds. Combined with rider weight, that’s 580 pounds for the light rider and 630 for the heavy rider. The power to weight ratio is about 8u0025 better for the smaller rider. Not massive, but enough to make a difference.

  17. Yes a big difference assuming same rider skill. Vs a 2015+ it won’t even be close

  18. 7 lbs = about 1 horsepower difference.

  19. Weight has a huge difference I ride with lighter riders and I have more power those little jockey fucks always have the advantage

  20. I have a 14b and I raced another and he weighed more by 50 pounds smoked him with similar mods

  21. The reason why i asked this question is because earlier this summer, i smoked a gsxr 1000r from a dig on a straight about a half mile….
    He had a stretch and something like a 240 rear tire…. Carbon fiber fairings and he was lowered… The rider defd had atleast 40+ lbs on me…. I was on my 14b. And got to about 178 before i realized he was smoked…. His gsxr1000 is supposed to be one of the fastest gsxrs around my way…. So im thinking if i master my 14b i can really get to smoke some guys around the track since im lightweight but very strong, strong compared to my weight and i maneuver the bike very well..

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