2a2 XS400


Guys, very direct question/ request for help. I'm building a classic racer based on my 2a2 XS400 and have Mikuni VM34 carbs. My biggest struggle with them is jetting. Anyone has gone this route already, could you advise correct settings? Thank you very much in anticipation!

2a2 XS400

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  1. Great looking bike!

  2. There are posts about different carburetors on here. You may have to go back and look.

  3. nice bike! but not sure with the vm34 carbs. what i have read so far is that they are good for one cylinder with 400-500cc. so i think, they might be a bit large for the xs400. maybe a single carb conversion could work

  4. There ya go!

  5. Looks like my old one

  6. Dual 34s are too big, I went the same route and wound up going to a single 34 because never found an optimal setting.

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