2020 R1 de-Cat


2020 model with de-Cat will it pass the dB test with akro end can?
Brands hatch

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  1. For track you mean ? If so I doubt it. I have that set up on mine and it will definitely fail mate

  2. I had just an akrapovic end can on a 2015 and was on the limit at static

  3. So if I put original back on with de-cat would I get away with that?

    • Stewart, Standard can isn’t actually that good at reducing noise. It’s the de cat that’s cause your problem. Brands is pretty tight for anything other than bigger cans

  4. I doubt it. Brands is 102 limit

  5. My 15 with stock can and decat was 116dB, fortunately I was going to Spain and they don’t give a fuk. You need a long can or a baffled de-cat for U.K.

  6. Thanks guys .
    I may get in touch with seton (Phil) as I know he does a long can .

  7. You’ll need a 450mm can with a decat link pipe. Simon Cope from Powertech sorted mine. Blew 99db without baffle

  8. is there any track I could get on with what I have now?

  9. Back in the day 🤣 I knew there was no noise limit days . Have the long gone now 🤣🤣

  10. Have they long gone . (Sorry ) long shift today

  11. A 400mm black widow silencer is the most cost effective solution.

  12. Yes if it has the baffle fitted I have the same set up on my 2019 R1 and did brands gp last year it blew just on the limit but had no issues with being 🏴 for noise there were also a few others running the same set up

  13. Not a chance
    if you do decat it make sure mininum length can is 400 if not 450mm.

  14. I blew 108db with that set up.

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