2020 950 sport issues


2020 950 sport. Anyone have issues with it missing or sputtering when going through little bit of water or puddles fast? Mine did this on its first trip out today and it was always when it got wet about halfway up the tires nothing real deep even. Is there something that these have issues with? Seemed to kill and not idle well until it sits a bit or hit the throttle up a bit till it clears out.

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  1. Mine does the same. Have not been able to track it down yet. Seems electrical though.

  2. Yea they have no laws here about it but I need to look into relocating the tube and see if I can fix it. It’s 2 days old and first trip out

  3. Could be the dumb emissions Garbage under drivers seat. The vent on bottom is only about 13 inches off ground if I remember correctly. If you are in a state that it dont matter , I’d delete the canister or at least stick a hose on the bottom and run it up higher.

  4. I’ll have to check that out and get some for the electrical connections

  5. My yamaha 4 wheeler does that if I don’t put dielectric grease in the spark plug boot. And it don’t have to be deep, it will do it by splashing.

  6. Check air intake for leaks

  7. 1st year many problems will arise

  8. My cforce does this. Someone told me I need to dialectic grease some things

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