2019 zforce 500 trail is leaking coolant!


I have a question for y’all. 2019 zforce 500 trail is leaking coolant from what I assume is the overflow tube on the underside of the motor. Coolant level was basically empty. Filled it back up and now it’s puddling on the floor of my garage. Any idea what the heck is going on?? Thanks Any idea what is causing this?

2019 zforce 500 trail is leaking coolant!

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  1. Flush out the old coolant and use 50/50 green prestone. Fixed my 17 800ex

  2. Change mine every year

  3. Thanks for the information. I’ll check back with an update.

  4. Time to rebuild your water pump!
    It’s not a hard job!

  5. Time to trade it in and get the 800ex

  6. I have the exact same machine, mine did same thing, kept getting worse, I took it in and it was covered under warranty.

  7. Yup, change the anti freeze

  8. Water pump and gasket needed

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