2019 Z800EX Best Preload


Preload from the dealer/factory…4” on the rear – 2.5” on the front — 2019 Z800EX. Tuned the rebound and compression with suggestions from here…rides better but still hard…where’s the sweet spot for preload?

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  1. Good question

  2. After I lifted mine I backed off an inch on the preload….rides alot.better

  3. I turned my springs down to 2 1/4" rides great!

  4. I have my compression set at 6 clicks all the way around and rebound at 5. For me personally that’s where I felt the best ride for mildly rocky terrain.

  5. My fronts were set at about 3/8

  6. Take sway bar off and feel the ride. Way better

  7. I took my sway bar off and the ride was 1000u0025 better and it went better over the rocks!

  8. Clark Starr would be the one to ask here. Obviously you lighten up the spring load to much you lose a lot clearance on these so you got to split it up between soft ride and clearance. Its set off rider weight , weight you carry in cargo area , pass weight so wont be same for everyone

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