2019 cforce 800xc. Do I need to stop when switching between 2 and 4wd?


2019 cforce 800xc. Do I need to stop when switching between 2 and 4wd?

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Answers ( No )

  1. For shifting from 4wd to 2wd there’s no need to stop at any time. It will stay in 4wd until it gets slack (gears unloaded) and then it will fall out of engagement and the dash indicator will show the moment it does that. No harm no foul.
    Shifting from 2WD to four, yes you can shift into 4wd while you are underway, with the important proviso that you had best be off the throttle when you do that. If you are under power (IE going up a hill) and you switch into 4wd without letting off the throttle then the front and rear drivelines are going to be unsynchronised and there’s a chance that when or if it engages, the engagement may be only partial and there’s an opportunity for things to break. Never shift into 4wd when you have the throttle on, and certainly if your back tires are spinning or slipping.
    I’ve been shifting in/out of 4wd on the fly for nigh on 20 years now without any issue, just have to give an engaging gearset a chance to fully engage. Disengaging, don’t even worry about it. ­čÖé

  2. Of course, it’s not an automatic,

  3. I stop better safe than sorry do it on all mine

  4. As long as all wheels are turning at same speed

  5. Never an issue shifting into 4×4 while moving, just let off the throttle and let it go in easier.

  6. I’d recommend it but its not required.

  7. My manuals said stop!
    U800 & 1000

  8. I do. Not worth risking ud83eudd37ud83cudffbu200du2642ufe0f if you can afford a new diff or actuators. Go for it.

  9. Manual says to stop ..
    I’ve been doing it while moving for years on my Cfmotos and so has others . Matter fact some of the most knowledgeable guys on the pages do it while moving including Clark Starr.
    As long as your 12 mph and under it’s no issue at all.
    You hit the button while Neutral on the throttle , (not increasing or decreasing speed ) then once you’ve pushed the button do a quick off the throttle and back into the throttle, its switches and works great this way. I do it on my Zforce 800 , zforce 950 and the Cforce 500 I just got…

    Some of you im sure have noticed, but when you are setting still and switch , most times it wont switch anyhow, until you move either front or backwards.

  10. why take the risk? Follow the manual.

  11. Yes it is recommended to be fully stopped when switching. This is because the engagement may be stiff sometimes. If you’re rolling at above 5mph you can cause enough force to cause some damage. Sometimes switch back from 4wd to 2wd it may be stuck and you’ll need to roll it out.
    But it’s never recommended to switch while driving.

  12. Full stop… every single time. As per the manual.

  13. Thanks everyone!!!

  14. Complete stop between diff lock on and off 100u0025 stop and wait

  15. Under 12 mph with your foot off pedal, never had any issues

  16. Nope but switching between high and low yes

  17. I haven’t ever

  18. I don’t no issues

  19. According to the user manual, Yes.

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