2019 CForce 600 27 inch tires


I really like the tires on my 2019 cforce 600. But I want to go up to 27". Can I run a 27/9/12 and 27/12/12 on the stock rims? Thanks

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  1. Following great question

  2. Yes. May rub depending on the tread, but yes. If they rub, there is a 1.5" lift kit from High Lifter. You’re welcome.

  3. The red is one of my 500s it’s on 27s with the lift

  4. Thanks I am looking stbth highlighter kit but it’s out of stock everywhere

  5. The stocks are 25/8/22 and 25/10/12. So I can run 9s and 12s on the stock rims?

  6. Yes that’s what I’m running on both my machines

  7. Here’s my other one

  8. 27 no lift. Fine so far.

  9. 27×10 on front-27×12 on rear on 14s didn’t scrub on mine, but I put a lift on it after a few weeks just for the extra clearance.

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