2018 Yamaha Tracer GT


2018 “Tracer GT” release? Any news/scoops yet?

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  1. It could be mt10 tracer..

  2. It’s just the MT10 with touring screen not a tracer, we want a yam to compete against the multistrada, s1000xr, tiger 1215 or the GS. Come on Yamaha get to grips

    • Yeah. MT10 with larger fuel tank, higher ground clearance and you are good to go

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, it’s a marketing exercise, just gonna be a standard tracer with the accessory catalogue thrown it by the factory… just like suzuki did with the bandit “GT” and vstrom “GT” and Kawasaki did with the versys “GT”

    • And the MT10 Touring. Which is an MT10 with a screen and a few other accessories.

    • Taylor indeed , I’d love a proper 1000cc Tracer but Yamaha have said time and time again they wouldn’t do it..

    • Blackburn im not that bothered tbh. I did initially say id buy an mt10 tracer if one came out.. but.. I like how light, nimble and easy the Tracer 9 is compared to bikes like the XR etc

    • I would need it to be a triple, love the triple power delivery now. The MT10 is an awesome bike but it’s a slight twist on every other 4 out there. It’s not got the soul of a Tracer 9.

    • I do like the triple. Crossplane 4 is nice too though. Both have loads more character than a normal IL4

  4. It’s bull Raymond is right but I want the shape of the tracer not the MT10

  5. They need to make a Super Tenere from the 09 first.

  6. Do they need a bike to match KTM AdventureS, Kawa Versys1000, BMW 1000XR etc? The ~150hp “family”

  7. From what i have herd they won’t be increasing the tank size so i can’t see people stopping for fuel all the time. They would be better of refining the tracer , better shocks , forks etc

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