2018 Tracer 900 What are peoples thoughts?


Looking at the spec sheets on the Yamaha site… it looks like the new 18 swingarm gives an extra 60mm of wheelbase. With this and narrower bars, might just cure that wobble people complain about? Also better for acceleration, but might slow down the handling? What are peoples thoughts?

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  1. Still be a holligan tool.

  2. I don’t know about you guys but my bike loves to wheelie.. especially with a passenger so maybe it’s meant to stabilize the bike… I personally love the wheelies but they can surprise the rider not exactly safe for a novice even with TCS on…

  3. Yeah loves to get the front wheel up… ace fun. Not a drag racer so dont really know how much difference 60mm will make tbh

  4. Never had the wobble and the wheelies are controllable not sure about the narrower bars but depends on how much and 60mm on the swing arm is a massive amount

  5. Why change the screen and hand guards ?

  6. The 60mm on the rear is probably about front wheel as you all know that a fist full in A mode at low speed is a bit mental. Yes hand guard change maybe about the wobble?? Drive a car at 100 and put your hand out the window and move it abit and see what happens. Overall it seems like a general progression of design of a great bike.

  7. You guys are lucky ours only goes 115mph stock

  8. My wife has looked at the length of the 2015 and the new gt both 2160 MM and the wheel base is 60 MM longer so no extra room on the seat 4 kg heavier

  9. This is a new configuration to eliminate any possibility of instability for even the most inexperienced? ( without experience) rider because Yamaha cannot let new customers even those who will buy their first ever motorcycle and are scared to the wobble idea to run away and lose the sales.. FYI my 2017 is stable no wobble and much fun. I don’t need a new 2018 tracer that is made for “Newbies” and I don’t mean it in a bad way ..

    • It’s a bit late in the day for Yamaha to make it a bike for “newbies”

    • I dno where you’ve got that from. Likely just to make it more stable whilst cruising at high speed

    • George Vans, the wobble isn’t much fun for experienced riders either though, 60mm may just tame it a small amount and make a good bike better….it won’t make it any more of a “newbie” bike….thats stretching it a bit (oh dear, pardon the pun) and theres still A mode for those that like it

    • Chris Dye I meant that many people who never owned a motorcycle before like/want to buy the Tracer but the wobble and the “bad advertising” scare them and they immediately look at a different direction brand/model etc..

      • Walter Hackworth yes I agree with you that wobble isn’t fun for experienced drivers either, in France I think two police officers were killed probably to this reason/high speed etc, but truth is that not all motorcycles or not all riders had this wobble problem but all the bikes now got a bad name/reputation ?

    • I know the “newbie” word wasn’t the correct one but I was trying to find a word with correct meaning to describe what I want to say ?

  10. i understand what you mean, and true, it seems like pot luck on the wobble, ive never had it, but both mine and a friends tracer are “iffy” at higher speeds, despite much suspension adjustment, various screens etc, handguards on/off and on and on…..lol, and yes, once a bike gets a reputaion on the web its hard to shake it off……i wonder what other reason is there for Yamaha to lengthen the swingarm other than stability….

  11. Walter Hack, strangely a set of new tyres ( Bridgestone T30 ) seemed to do the work for many people

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