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Guys, last Friday I went to try for the 1st time a Tracer 900 (I am coming from a 2006 V-Strom 650).. this bike should be illegal! 😀 I am going to buy a 2018 model and I wanted to ask you help to negotiate the price: how much discount should I ask for? 5%? 10%? And what about the accesories: how much discount can you get on those? I could eventually buy the bike in Italy, UK or Poland so I would really appreciate if you could share your experience if you ever bought a Tracer in one of these countries, thanks a lot!

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  1. Do you want a full answer , or a discounted one ? ?

  2. Bought a 2017 model about 2 months ago. No discount on bike or finance Free fitting on Yamaha accessories.

  3. Depends on the dealer but I got £500 no trade in discount when I bought new last year. They removed handguards and fitted r&g tail tidy free too.

  4. No discount on price but 10% on accessories and fitted free .

  5. Wait for the MT-09 SP tracer will be in 4/2018

    • Looking forward to that one!

    • Ooooooo looking forward to that Any word of an MT10 Tracer ? I know there’s touring model but it’s not really any different

    • I would be happy to give a try but speaking with a couple of mt-10 owners I got the impression that is difficult to drive it inside the speed limits 😮 I think that could be the same issue with the Tracer 900 however it should be ok for the secondary streets 🙂

    • Definitely. I tried the MT09, Tracer and MT10 consecutively. I found the MT10 to be a monster and almost impossible to ride slowly or in a relaxed manner. Amazing machine but too much for me.

  6. On the road they are £9000, but you can get them for £8600 ish, some advertise at this price but when you get in touch , it’s not the on the road price, I am currently trying to get a new black or blue tracer…but their isn’t much leeway with dealers…and a 2018…you won’t get anything.

  7. You can take comfort in Israel The price of this motorcycle is 16500 GBP ?

  8. You should have no issues getting a current model at 10-15% discount. Never pay full price, I just got a $2800 discount on a brand new bike that was still crated.

    • Thanks, this is in line with my experience when buying a car that was already in the salon but with 0 km.

    • Yep… The absolute MAX I’ll pay is OTR RRP – 10%, absolute max if I’m pushed, but generally don’t settle for less than 12.5-15% less than RRP.

  9. You can ALWAYS get a discount if you push hard enough… If they won’t give you a discount, walk away. NEVER pay full price for a brand new motor vehicle of any description… NEVER!!

  10. Remember you will typically get a better price on the capital cost of the bike if you use their finance; granted it then boils down to your availability of funds and their finance rate but something to consider.

  11. I just specced what I wanted and emailed lots of dealers for their best price. They varied greatly. (2015)

  12. Your dealerships suck, I got 3000 off my fj09 and 2000 off my fz

  13. I got discount on bike via finance and rear tail tidy and rad guard thrown in

  14. I’ve just placed my order for a brand new blue mt09 tracer £7650 on the road, Keith Dixon motorcycles in Accrington.

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