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Guys, a question: any update about a “new” KTM 690? Will there be an update like the Husky 701? Thinking about buying one of these 2 to convert it with the Kit690 or the Kit701.. I hear a lot of stories that the Husky is much better (more updated) then the 690.. Any comments? IMO the possibilities to convert one of those 2 are much bigger then converting my EXC500 6-days.. Try to find a rear fuel tank for that bike. A disaster.. 🙂

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  1. Lots of companies make rear Enduro tanks.

  2. Mecasystem

  3. MST Italy have rear fuel tank for exc 500 spoke to them today.

  4. Who’s screen is that? Rade garage?

  5. This is the last year for the 690 I’m told by a KTM insider with the introduction of their 800. The 701 will continue. This is my 2017 with 11,000 miles on it since April. I spent about $20k US building it last winter. I rode through Morocco, Europe, the U.K., Canada home to Alaska entirely trouble free. Brilliant bike!

    It’s a bit heavy for Hare Scrambles and motocross, but I have! I’m seriously thinking of selling it for a 500exc that I can better ride on single tracks here in AK.

  6. Bill Ness, For real? I thought that the 690 was also perfect for that?! Ok, a bit heavier then my 500, but if you say so, I should be better off with keeping the 500? The bike looks very nice Bill!

  7. Your bike is 250lbs from the factory. Mine is 315. Add the Rally Kit and all the other goodies, it’s nearly 350lbs!

  8. Be sure to let us know if that thing goes up for sale..! I’m in Alberta, would make a beautiful ride home. Haha!

  9. Tom Covent Thanks Tom! It’s quite capable of single tracks and about everything else you want. Just a bit slower than lighter bikes because of its weight. It was the perfect bike in Africa and Europe!

  10. Tristan BCH $17k US complete with Enduristan panniers, TomTom 400 rider and ICO. It’s freshly serviced and new tires. Ready for another 2,000 mile ride!

  11. At the KTM Rally in Italy in July one of the KTM employees pointed out that the new 690 will have the same nav tower mounting holes on the headstock as the 701 has. So I presume there will be some kind of update in the future.

    • Didn’t know the 701 had pre-drilled holes for a nav tower?! ?

    • Interesting. I met up with KTM reps in southern Spain and again in Germany getting the same answer that the 690 is done with the 2018 MY.

    • I didn’t know either, he pointed it out after I was asking whether KTM would ever sell a 690 with OEM rally fairing. Bill: There have been mixed rumors indeed.

    • Bill Ness , would be a stupid thing to do off KTM, killing their own 690.. one of the most wanted bikes for rally enthousiast.. but on the other hand, they have the 701 ready to take over.. just a shame there is no “orange” on that bike ?

    • Dealer said the 690 Enduro in their showroom is the last they’ll have. None for 2018, but he said the supermoto has been confirmed for 2019. So, I presume the Enduro will follow…

  12. Best of both worlds????

  13. Nice Stu.. make us jealous ?

  14. I want to have a street legal bike in the 450-500cc area so I won’t need to trailer to our riding areas. I looked at an 05 450exc yesterday but it was beat up pretty badly!

  15. 525/530 would be perfect
    I got the 300 so i don’t destroy the 690 ?

  16. Stu,that’s enough ok?! ?

  17. Absolutely! I met up with a Kiwi riding a 500exc around the world in Canada. He had 22k miles on it without issues! Hard to believe, but his odometer confirmed it!

  18. Changes the oil every 1000 miles and services the top end often. Says the motor has never been apart!

  19. I’ve read the Rolling Hobo amd if the big boss prefers a 500 exc for a trip of 7000k’s.. says a lot.. but nevertheless.. i love those converted 690’s and 701’s.. especially with the kit690/701’s on it.. ?

    Bill Ness, I change it every 1000km’s, and it looks like new.. guess if you treat her well, you could do trips like that.. any idea of the fuel capacity (rear tank) the kiwi had with his bike? I have the 12l in front and was lookimg at the rear one from rebel.. 14l extra.. but sooooo expensive!!

  20. No idea. His bike was all stock. No additional tanks!

  21. Wow, every 140 km’s a fuel stop.. how many stops did that guy do on his trip???

  22. Thousands! He didn’t have a proper license plate either. Had 4 digits, no year tags or country of origin. Says no one had asked him for any documents!

    Tom Covent So I found out the 500 doesn’t have a rear tank. The air box is there. They have a 2.4gal (roughly 8L) front tank. My local dealership is finishing up two FE 501 bikes for the Baja 1000 coming up. Both bikes got a 3.2gal (11L) tanks.

  23. I’ve replaced the stock tank with an Acerbis 12l tank.. if I could add a rear tank of 14 L like the Rebel one, I would have a range of 400km’s.. would be nice for some Desert rally.. the 12 L is just not enough I guess

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