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Need some advice read ALL below before commenting I’ve just ordered a 2018 KTM 500 exc six days and want to get an exhaust when i get it. I’ve been looking at akrapovic and FMF just don’t know what’s better. I’ve heard The akrapovic is almost double the price of the FMF. Is that true? Is there any performance difference? Will a full system give much more performance difference vs a slip on? Considering the price of full system vs slip on. Is there any quality difference? Any other brand recommendations? DONT COMMENT ULESS YOU CAN ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, GIVE ADVICE OR OTHER SUGGESTIONS . DONT TELL ME TO LEAVE IT STOCK UNLESS YOU CAN GIVE A GOOD REASON. I’m from Australia if that makes any Difference to your answers.?? Thanks in advance?

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  1. Akarpovic are just not worth the $ here in NZ it’s almost 3k for a complete system, little wonder most buy from the US .

  2. Akarpovic are higher quality exhausts you just have to determine wither it’s worth the extra and you will get more power out of it than the fmf but the fmf is a great bang for the buck

  3. FMF use the money you save for other parts you’ll need

  4. If your looking for more noise go fmf

  5. Don’t make noise if you plan to ride woods or public lands. All it does is get us kicked out.

  6. Its a 500. If you want to go faster twist the throttle farther. Save your money ride it stock.

  7. KTM = Akra. FMF is a horrible thing that just makes noise. Worth every extra penny.

  8. It’s said no pipe gives more power than stock. Save your money and save our riding areas.

  9. Akrapovic for the win

  10. i didnt want the noise (loudness) of the fmf, so i went the PC route on my 16′ 250xcf. its deeper and just as quite as stock, and it has the aproval for forestry.

  11. I got my akraprovic slip on from eBay $535.00 the slip on with the arrestor pulled rips but you need to tune bike

  12. The procircuit slipon

  13. That’s the attitude that gives us a bad name, and gets dirt bikes banned from prime areas.

  14. I switched mine to an SX because I had one at home, switched back when me an another guy guy got pulled over by a State Ranger in the woods, I did mine for power not noise

  15. 350, 450 and 500 fit, I took a 13 350 SX muffler and installed it on my 16 500

  16. Theres my next bike !!!

  17. 525-540 big bore stock exhausted ripssss save monry on mods u determine after giving it a ride or 10 beauty bike by the way

  18. Ktmandhusky.com

  19. I was going to spend 1500 on upgrades this guys at ktm and husky.com got everything I wanted done for under $500. He is the go to on KTM !

  20. Crap lol that was not what I was trying to post lol

  21. more noise is a poor reason .

  22. 2015 and 16 models look heaps better in my opinion. Had a look at a new 2017 model they feel cheap in comparison. Still love ktm though.

  23. Dam pal. Leave it alone

  24. dude i think u over thinking it and over doing it let it be the badass bike it will be once it arrives

  25. I just can’t see how everyone has feedback and info on a 2018 model.KTM put a lot of engineering into the engine and exhaust. Maybe if you ride at the pro level but if you do then you’re hanging around with people who know a lot more than us!.. anyway super nice bike. I hope you give us some input since you’ll be the only person that I know that has already got one or soon to get one!

  26. That’s a beautiful machine for sure

  27. watch the videos at ktmandhusky.com. he has the goods for the US models. I have no idea if the OZ models are all plugged up or not. Here in the US if you open it up, exhaust and airbox, you need more fuel, which seems to be an issue, how to get more fuel. Euro map or vortex ecu. Seems Euro map is taboo stateside.

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