2018 KTM 250XC is supposed to run 60:1


So my 2018 ktm 250xc is supposed to run 60:1 I think that really lean any insight?
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  1. Easily 60:1, but use Motorex.

  2. Supposedly, that’s the ratio/way to make it run right with the stock jetting.

  3. I’ve been running my bikes 60:1 for the past 4 years already

  4. All my other bikes I run 40:1 And absolutely no issue… I only use motorex in the ktm but I just feel like that is lean

  5. 60:1 is right! Just make sure it’s a very accurate mix!

  6. I have a 2012 250sx(300cc) I run Motul m800 at 40:1 no problem with plug runs great

  7. So nobody has had any issues running 60:1? Not to lean? I literally have 2 hours on the bike just don’t wanna grenade a new bike lol

  8. I run a 40:1 ratio on a 2013 300, never had issues, only did my topend at 250 hours

  9. I’m sure they say run it 60:1 because of the emission laws

  10. lol exactly

  11. Its more about the oil and less about the mix some oil is okay at 100:1 but other oil needs 32:1

  12. make sure you are using a good quality jabsco rated oil – then 60:1 is good

  13. the motor/carb setup is designed to run in a specific temp range and the recommended oil is for a that temp range (else it either burns off to quickly – leaving the motor to dry or does not burn off and much of it will come out of the exhaust as splurge) splurge coats everything in old semi-burned oil – nasty

  14. Its perfect.

  15. 2016 300xc i run 50:1 motul 800. Runs like a dream

  16. You assume you know better than the Engineers at KTM? \nIf thats the recommendation then they have considered al the variables.

  17. I sense you come from a long line of jap bikes? Most jap bike were 40:1 60:1 is perfect as a standard set up on the bike. If yoy want to change the ratio you need to jet it correctly for a different ratio to get optimal performance. I hear the 2018 tpi 300 runs 70 or 80:1 via a mixer. Ktms are engineered by extremely serious engineers that come from a long line of engineers so as you can imagine their work is near perfect

  18. That’s 100% correct, that’s the mixture on all our KTM SA racing machines and recommend by KTM HQ.

  19. I run my 200XCW at 40:1 riding mostly tight single track. I don’t foul plugs , have a little spooge lol, bike runs amazing with JD Jetting kit, and at 240hrs my cylinder still looks new.

  20. Lean or rich is the fuel to air ratio isn’t it? Got nothing to do with hoe much oil is in that fuel.

  21. I use only synthetic oil and mix 50:1 seems to be right.

  22. The 60:1 also has to do with meeting emission standards. Most dealers will recommend a richer mixture of 50:1

  23. If you do run a lean mixture on a KTM use Motorex. Seriously. There’s a reason KTM specify it. Ask the TPI riders…

  24. Run my 2017 250XCW at 50:1 with no issues (y)

  25. Mostly what is written here is opinion, hearsay or bs. If you run a lot at high rpm/load use 35 or 40 to one (cross country or desert etc), if you run more enduro/technical trails then you can run 50 or 60 to one. There is a reason that trials bikes can run 100 to 1. Jet accordingly. A good check is to pull the top end after a run and as long as there is a couple of teaspoons of oil in the bottom of the casing you are fine. The plug will tell you nothing about the oil and will only foul if your jetting is crap.

  26. Isn’t the 2018 auto lube?

  27. The new mikuni carbs are finicky and don’t work very well with 50:1 and are difficult to jet- if you are picky. A JD jetting kit will help this a lot. This was not such an issue with the keihin carb of previous years. Most guys I know eventually throw in the towel and go with the 60:1 and haven’t blown up or had any premature wear etc…

  28. 60 to 1 is fine using the recommend oil

  29. No your good just make sure you use oil designed for such ratio and your carb is jetted correctly

  30. KTM jets them for 60-1.

  31. Only if you’re sticking to ktm juice. Different oils have different lubricating properties. Check this video out. https://youtu.be/tcSDNZohzfM

  32. running lean ratios isn’t a big deal with some oils, others it’s potentially a big issue. I would make sure you stay where to oil manufacturer recommends. I run saber pro at 80:1 with great results, but I’ve talked to guys who ran it a 60:1 had issues with carbon buildup and spooge.

  33. If you run there oil

  34. Depends on the oil you use

  35. I don’t run mine that gas-oil ratio that lean. I run mine at 40:1. Then jet accordingly.

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