2018 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Photo Gallery


Hello, new kawasaki ninja 636r photos has been released. What do you think guys?

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  1. the green in this just isn’t the true kawi green I love.

  2. It’s mellow yellow

  3. Not liking the krt edition this year

  4. I’m sure seeing it in person will do it more justice.

  5. They need to do some insane new Kawi look like the R6 got when they changed body styles. But it’s still sexy.

  6. No they don’t…

  7. Cervantes why not Everytime the body style has changed it has always gotten sexier. Thats why I got the 14 and not the 12 or below

  8. 13+ I’d legit. It’s already aggressive without giving in to that Euro crap

  9. Cervantes I wouldn’t mind seeing the people who designed the H2 see how they’ll make a special edition ZX6R

  10. Forgive me but the new R6 makes me wanna vomit. Looks like a bug that got scraped off a windshield

  11. Pretty much a knock off of a r1

  12. I’m not saying I like the R6 I’m just saying the style change was dramatic

  13. how is the new R6 a knock off of the R1? so is this a new zx6r a knock off of the Zx10r?

  14. Anything mechanically diff for 2018?

  15. Keep being told that the 13+ motors are the best 600s out still. Kawi is still the best looking bike 5 years later. Yams are wack af

  16. I agree. They know this bike still brings them shit ton of money so why not put out the same design.

  17. From what I’ve heard it’s the best motor to race out. Reliable af

  18. That’s Why the r6 always finishes ahead of the 636 in almost all racing divisions. I have a 636 and now I want an r6

  19. Gonna keep the ninja to though

  20. “always” huh?

  21. It’s just facts. Watch the Daytona 200 this year

  22. Again.. “always”…. ?

  23. I like the pearl white and matte pearl white best still

  24. Better looklng color scheme, but it needs a remake. 636 is a disappointment. Bring back the 599cc and make it better.

  25. I kinda like and I kinda don’t. Maybe I have to see it in person. But I do like the scheme better than my 2016 KRT. I just hate the flame Mohawk thingy look on the 2016.

  26. Too much graphic…. ugly headlamps

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