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  1. All i see is signs the race gods are throwing at me ?

  2. It’s good looking in person. Paint scheme is sweet

  3. Looks nice

  4. Especially the white ??

  5. I’m trying to see better pictures of this black one but I️ cannot find any lol the video shows so lil

  6. People will still find excuses to flash this bike. Hahajaja

  7. Why wouldn’t you flash it?

  8. And when US gets it… its still gonna be corked up. As far as im concerned.. all new bikes need frequent ecu editing. Even if its just modifying the quickshifter. Hell even just the power my bike picks up from hot weather to cold weather forces me to add some kill time or else i start missing gears

  9. As far as I can tell there is no real difference. Its not a new model.

  10. Semi-active suspension is the only real new item. The wheels and bi-directional quick-shifter were already on the RR, if I’m not mistaken.

  11. Right so no real difference

  12. Very cool but… Where is the market segment? An H2 with saddlebags? Oxy moronic, in my humble opinion. The gold wing has got a lock on this end. Still, very cool

  13. Hahaha I get it now

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