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whats everyone got for insurances. planning on picking up a 2018 mt07 in april and want to see what yall paying. thanks/ im 22 been riding dirtbikes since 7 and clean dricing record live in CT. just seeing what everyone is using

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  1. Thread was done about this not too long ago but Geico $20/mo

  2. Varies on location, age, gender, records and options. Your best bet is to shop around my dude

  3. For reference I pay $96/mo. But I have a record and all the options.

  4. 107$ a month in Ontario

  5. I’m waiting for that 18 MT07 too

  6. $87 full coverage two bikes

  7. It really depends on your age, what coverage you get, where you live and your driving history. If you live in high crime area it will be 2x as much as in very low.

  8. What your are doing without counting these factors is comparing apples to oranges

  9. Rape.. with no lube

  10. Geico $27 a month full coverage, Fresno Ca. M1 license for 4 years , clean record

  11. I only have liability and pay $70 for the year

  12. 355/ year full coverage in Alberta Canada

  13. Now that I switched from Progressive to Dairyland, I went from having no uninsured or under-insured motorists coverage or $5K for medical .payments from $60 a month down to $39 a month for full coverage.Crap part is that i am being hit a little from when I had my R3 stolen August 2016. I hate it when I get punished for someone else being a prick. 🙁

  14. Call your insurance person.

  15. Dairyland is the way to go. I currently have Allstate but switching on the 10th. Thanks to everyone here and my best riding buddy I am aware of them.

  16. 33$ a month full coverage. 29, no record, own the bike and have used to company for 10 years.

  17. When I had my 2016 last year it was like 52 a month full coverage in ct also

  18. Lowest for full coverage for me(41) in Dallas TX was State Farm @ $540 for the year.

  19. I got Dairyland $50 a month in CT

  20. $377/year. Liability and comprehensive. SE MI. 24, clean record, own the bike.

  21. I use dairyland was by far the cheapest for me

  22. Get a quote from your current insurance company. If you only have 1 car you would probably get a multi car discount.

  23. Rider’s…$600-$650 for 2 bikes & 2 riders….

  24. Dairyland insurance $40 a month for two bikes

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