2018 Cforce 500HO (Slammed on brakes)


Long story short. 2018 cforce 500ho; Slammed on brakes on pavement to avoid dog running across road. Thrown from machine broke 3 ribs and collar bone. Quad rolled twice only bent handle bars and broke mirrors. Both have been replaced.

What else should I check out after a roll over before I hit trails again?

2018 Cforce 500HO (Slammed on brakes)

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  1. Direction bars.
    All electronic switchs Like diff block

  2. your shorts..

  3. Give it a test run before if you can. Some cities allow them on the roads. Better for you to find out close to home that there is a problem

  4. Change the oil. Clean the air filters. Look for contamination.

  5. Should have run over dog

  6. How many dogs are in the area your riding. Oh ya make sure your health insurance policy is updated

  7. Your underwear.

  8. How fast where going geez

  9. Haha, ur lucky, i have deer out of season jumping out infront of me,but can never get close enuff to hit them

  10. Quick question, what’s the size of these trailer

  11. Flipped my 18 500s reversing away from oncoming dogs and broke my arm and got pinned under it. No fucking fun man hope you recover quick.

  12. Glad your safe and ok.

  13. I have an 18 zforce800. I like it but the ride is rough. It rides way to hard. Any suggestions without spending money on this thing

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