2018 Beta Xtrainer Problem (250 miles +/-).


Hey! I'm a new owner of a 2018 Beta Xtrainer (250 miles +/-). I'm having a few issues and was wondering if anyone here could give me some insight. I talked to a dealer and he thought I was full of shit (maybe b/c I'm a lady?).

So here's the scoop – I recently got back from a trip to AZ with the bike. When we unloaded it in the morning after getting back, there was a large puddle of coolant under the bike. There were no obvious signs of overheating on the last ride with it.

Upon further inspection before washing it, I found there to be a bit of coolant kind of everywhere. See pics. There was some coming out of the head (dealer DEF didn't believe me on this one) and near and around the water pump. Checking the coolant levels proved to be a bit scary b/c even with the bike tipped over, couldn't see any coolant in the radiator. When taking the radiator cap off, there was quite a bit of pressure. I've read that there should not really be any pressure on a cold bike. So..

I did a little reading online and it sounds like one issue could be that the two head o-rings fail (dealer said this is a hoax). When the o-rings fail, it leads to wrongful pressurization and a few other symptoms that seem to be similar to what I'm seeing.

Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone else had this issue?

Also, what coolant are you running?

I will probably flush the system since I've already lost so much and put in something other than the Motul Motocool Expert.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would love to get this fixed so I can get back out and riding!

One more question – where is the best place to order Beta parts online from?

Thank you!!

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  1. I had a 16 Cross trainer bad wiring bad welds leaked coolant sold it got a Honda problem solved no more Italian bikes for me

  2. Thank you all so much for your insight and advice. I really appreciate you all taking the time to comment. I'm going to be working on this in the next week or so and may be reaching out with additional questions as they come up. You all are the best!!

  3. I am a dealer in Illinois and would be happy to send you any part you wish we dropship all the time save you a lot of money and time

  4. I had a lot of problems with my 250rr leaking coolant all the time , I just flushed the cooling system and refilled and has been all good now for 6 months.

  5. After refilling the coolant, don't close the cap, if you start the engine you shouldn't see the level of the coolant raise up, if it does, the oring is gone and u have to change it for sure

  6. Why on earth would you use KTM o-rings. KTM stands shitty rubber seals in general.

  7. As stated above, KTM orings, retorque and ride. Good luck.

  8. If the exhaust bens in on the waterpump side, it very easily damages the waterhose behind it at the waterpump connection. Then it sprays around at normal operating heat, not cold usually.

    If and when this happens, it helps to dent the new/fixed pipe fron that waterpun connection poin a little, like the nice factory dents they make for the pipe to fit. This is a common issue with all 2t Betas.

    X-Trainer pipe is paper thin ie easy to bend and fix. Carbon pipe protection goes not help.

  9. Suggest using a thin smear of grease on the orings when fitting them. Make sure head drops down directly into barrel with no twisting. Use geese on the 6 head bolts and torque them down evenly and in two stages.

  10. Hi I have changed o rings on mine for ktm ones which are the same but slightly thicker and create a better seal

  11. Dealer telling you this is a hoax is a RED FLAG to find another dealer. They do not have your interests in mind and are only interested in taking your money. Please post the dealer name so others can avoid them.

  12. It''s not a hoax Cally, you are on the right path. Some people have had good results from simply flipping the head o-ring over. Be sure to get rid of the security bolt on the head, there is a theory floating around that this bolt is incorrectly torqued from the factory and this is the cause of the o-ring leaking.

  13. Hi Cally I''m sorry to hear the dealer is coming over as a dick.
    There was talk of the wrong coolant concentration being used predelivery causing O ring leaks at the water pump, thermostat and head.
    NOTE Well. If you are going to take the previous post advise to check/ Tighten nuts and bolts you must use a calibrated torque wrench and follow the factory recommended values or you will risk stripping some very delicate threads and costing yourself big.)
    Re the coolant. It should be 50/50 mixed. The dealer should be across these issues. I would call the distributor and let them know you are not happy.
    Mine lost nearly all coolant over summer in Au. We have very hot weather. That was scary but it has done no damage, my fault for not checking pre every ride. I''ve flushed it and tightened all hose clamps and filled it with 50/50 coolant/distilled water and so far no problem. I did not tighten the head. Regular pre ride rad checks now.
    One thing you should to check and change…the thermostat sits very close to the left rad. it can rub a hole in the rad. On mine it was half way through( thanks Factory Beta ). When you are in there loosen the hose clamps and pull it back away from the rad with a cable tie. Then do up the clamps, leave the tie on.
    There are aspects of this Beta design that are half arsed. (Beta take note).
    Then fill it and make sure you bleed the air off at the bleed screw on the left rad with the bike leaned over to the right. (Make it the highest point) then top up again with the bike on the side stand( highest point for the cap). Thighten the cap sensibly it''s plastic with a rubber washer.
    I note that there is a modded hose kit to eliminate the thermostat. I will be doing that soon. I am working to make mine failsafe and that includes to date getting the oil inject off the bike. Peace of mind. The oil light only tells you low tank level not if it''s working.
    So far so good on Castor.
    I''m happy to help you from here if I can. These are a great bike but they need some sorting.

    Air in the system causes pressure issues and contributes to coolant loss, the wrong coolant concentration contributes to seal wear and O ring degradation. Use demineralised distilled water to flush, never leave tap water in the system.
    Cheers Chris. Sydney AU. PS I had water on the floor for a couple of days and could not see were it was coming from, it was coming from trapped water in the rad fins.

  14. Dropped mine off at the dealer this morning for same issue. 75 miles.. Radiator stayed pressurized and blew coolant out of thermostat housing. Also ran out of fuel at 35 miles..

  15. Not really any help with your issue but if you are going to refill I like Engine Ice


  16. Fill it up again and let it get to working temperature. You should see the leaks, don''t use water, coolant is more ''thinner'' and leaks much easier. Be aware, if it is hot, there will be pressure. I would suspect the O rings.

  17. I had to replace the cylinder head o-rings at 10hrs on my 16. Dealer gave me the parts and I performed the work. Mine was leaking at random spots and I came to the conclusion compression gasses were leaking to the coolant system resulting in high pressures causing leaks. Good luck

  18. Tighten all your bolt each ride for the first 15, 30 hours

  19. stupid question but did you check the collar tightness on the hose that runs into the cylinder head? I was running mine the other day and all of sudden saw smoke and coolant a bit and freaked and turned it off….. then i checked that collar and it wasn't completely tight, I tightened it up and hasn't leaked since. Not sure about the pressure never had that on my 16XT but Jeremy Schneir just told me he had that pressure release under that cap on his wife's XT maybe he has some input?

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