2018 Anniversary Ultra Limited Problem


Picked up a 2018 Anniversary ULtra Limited in November. Broke it in to the 1,000 mile service and headed West from coastal Carolina to spend Thanksgiving in Chandler Arizona. A family emergency caused an immediate return to NC and immediate trip in the cage to NH. 6500 miles in November, this picture was off I-10 Easy of Tuscon. I have eight cross country trips and did Canada from Nova Scotia to Vancouver on my way to Sturgis this year. I have a bunch of tents but mostly use a Wal-Mart three man tent that goes up in less than a minute. I carry a boy scout propane stove we have had for 40 years, a cot, water, dehydrated food, coffee, beer and usually some decent bourbon in case of snake bite.



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  1. Thankfully we don’t seem to deal with all the “voided warranty” posts on this page!

  2. did that void your warranty?

  3. Warranty is a funny thing, the government requires manufacturers to have a warranty. The only failure I have had was I lost a the rear wheel bearings on a trip two years ago. Fortunately A dealer was a few miles ahead so I Pulled up to the door, disconnected and it was replaced without Question. I would have paid for the excellent service. I believe the failure was due to another dealer replacing the rear tire and the tech not using a torque wrench and over tightening the Axle. Does it violate the warranty, it probably depends on what fails, the dealer and possibly a lawsuit. My last three Ultra’s have been traded and sold with warranty still valid. I believe the warranty may be good if the dealer decided the trailer caused the failure. The warning is to protect the company from liability because a trailer, especially a heavy one can be dangerous when braking.

  4. A lot of warranties are sold off to a third party,nothing to do with the manufacturer.

  5. I typically carry Grey Goose for snake bite but I suspect bourbon would work just as well LOL

  6. Things break, nothing beats good preventative maintenance . Lost a rear wheel bearing in BC on way back from Alaska this summer, disconnected the trailer and Prince George HD took care of it, and had extended warranty cover it. But the big question is what do you consider good bourbon?

  7. Can you tell me the brand name of that 3 man tent you got at WM that goes up quickly?

  8. Thank God for the bourbon lol

  9. Awesome

  10. This is why I bought a trailer, a seven week 15,000 mile trip starting with 308 pounds of camping gear, foul weather gear and tools. Did not need the tools and threw away some unneeded clothing. Twenty eight states, three Canadian providence with rain in all but two states! Had my noisy compensator sprocket shimmed in Anchorage. No other issues with the bike. Did an Ironbutt home, 1900 miles in 32 hours. Yes I needed the spare gas several times!


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