2018 500HO CForce Oil and Oil Filter Changing


What wrenches do I need to change the engine oil and filter on my 2018 500HO CForce?

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  1. Basic metric sockets and an extension for the drain bolt and filter cover bolts. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    • Just wondering how big my set goes to 19mm. My unit is in the woods with my son and nowhere near it and it’s due for service.

    • The drain bolt is big, but I don’t think it is a 19mm. I know the filter cover bolts are 8mm. I would go check for you, but it is at another garage.

  2. Drain should be 17mm. As he mentioned 3 filter cover bolts are 8mm. Drain plug gets tq’d to 22 ft lbs. Cover bolts get tq’d to only 7 ft lbs or 84 inch lbs.. Definitely be careful with cover bolts. If your afraid of snapping them off ,i just tq them to spec and no worries.

  3. Ok so the drain plug housing has a screen filter in it. Anybody know if the orientation of that housing matters? Has three 8mm bolts on it and one side has a tab in the casting. Pulled it off and didn’t pay too much attention to it

  4. Can you get a picture? Ive never seen that . Maybe 500 is different though

  5. Not meaning to hijack this thread, but does anybody use a magnetic drain plug when they service their machine?

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