2017 Z1000 SX UK Insurance


Anyone any recommendations on insurance for 2017 sx? Carole nash are trying to rob me of £350 !

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  1. I used Swinton. CN wanted £550 as I’ve just returned to biking. Swinton covered me for £320

  2. H and R insurance near Aberdeen got me a good price on mine

  3. That’s cheap the guys in London are getting quotes of over a grand

  4. Try Bennetts

  5. MCE for me under £100 for 2013 Z1000, but I MAY be old and experienced!?

  6. I’m with Swinton 280£ a year

  7. Hasting direct did a good deal for me after carol Nash tried to double my quote.

  8. I’m 47 been riding for a year continually no claims or convictions £450 they wanted off me so I went MCE and got it for £320

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