2017 Yamaha MT-09 Oil


Hi, what oil does the 2017 model Yamaha MT-09 take? Thanks.

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  1. 10/40 semi synthetic motol or yamalube…

    • Or Shell or Petronas or Mobil1 or Castrol or any other reputable brand as long as it meets the specification.

  2. There is bugger all difference between the company’s now days so stick to the standard 10/40.

  3. I use the virgin olive oil exclusively.

  4. I use motul. 10/40. Can’t really tell diffrence.

  5. I use castrol 15w 50

  6. Try Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Alex Gonch – gives you up to another 10bhp

  7. I use this. 

  8. 10w40 all the way

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