2017 xmr with a audio formz roof


I have a 2017 xmr with a audio formz roof , rock lights , and hid head light I KNOW I NEED TO UPGRADE and install a dual battery, but I haven’t had a chance too , just lately it’s been going into limp mode I’m thinking it’s because of low voltage has any one had this issue? Going to add dual battery’s soon

2017 xmr with a audio formz roof

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  1. I put the Canam aux dual battery in while and never had a problem. Leave my stereo on for awhile and it’ll start no problem all stereo and rock lights are onto 2nd battery

  2. Upgrade to odessey 1200’s and run a dual bank charger

  3. All I have to do is plug a extension cord in and it’s charging!

  4. Yeah I know I need to upgrade.. I’m doing that soon .. but with what I’m running on the stock battery will it put it into limp mode is my question

  5. Your absolutely experiencing voltage issues. Leave the radio off, and those high amp draw HID’s off and you won’t have the limp mode. No way the stock battery will keep up especially if you aren’t charging the battery when the vehicle isn’t in use. The factory stator will never keep up. I just did a dual battery setup on yet another customers defender.

  6. I believe it might be a loose connection Raul Tellez runs a pretty good audio setup and doesn’t have a problem on the stock battery drop a video rula!

  7. Mine did that and the battery terminal was loose.

  8. But voltage reader see if it’s 21.1 or higher. Or if u have loose connections will always jack up

  9. Just an update.. I installed a bigger battery and still in limp mode so I was forced to take it to the dealer .. they told me the throttle body was shot .. so replacing it and hopefully that does the trick .. any one els have this issue ?

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