2017 TC250


Haven’t been super impressed with the new Mikuni carb on my 2017 TC250. Decided I would try a 38mm Keihin Carb instead and I am looking for jetting suggestions for the new carb as I am not sure where to start. I am around 5000′ elevation. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Can’t help you with the keihin, but my mikuni works flawlessly.

  2. Get a jd jet kit..they will send u everything and tell u where to start

  3. I agree on the JD kit. Whatever needle that is makes a ton of difference.

  4. Check the reeds, a few of the guys in our group had too upgrade reeds and cage, could see right through reeds not long after buying bikes, 3 guys to be exact, 2-300 and one 250

  5. And Mikuni is handling throttle body injection on 2018. Skeptical.

  6. I’m happy with my Mikuni after a decade of Keihins. My 17TE300 is ever-so-slightly lean around 3/8th throttle, but not enough to complain about the 60 mile range to reserve.

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