2017 Heritage Softail Exhaust Suggestions


Looking for advice. Just bought a 2017 Heritage Softail and want to make it a bit louder to be heard. I am in california so there are regulations. Suggestions?
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  1. Move. Lol. Couldn’t resist. I’ve heard people shipping stuff to relatives and then they forward it on. What’s regs on slipons?

  2. I’m in San Pedro I have Vance and Hines and yes they are illegal but who cares

  3. Screamn Eagles if you want to be heard…make sure your bros are riding on your left side or you’ll end up with no bros to ride with! Just saying..

  4. I would buy the ‘Screamn Eagle Pipes’, the dealer will down load the mapping to your computer and you will be louder and still legal.

  5. Move away from California

  6. Move out of that foriegn country you live in and move back to the United States.

  7. Vance and Hines long shots just loud as hell 85% louder than stock

  8. Remember, you have a bike under warranty. If you go with after market pipes and the mapping is done wrong you may have warranty issues if a problem arises.

  9. The question is not if its a ‘slipon’ or a full pipe, it is does it pass emissions and is it under the Db. level?

  10. The regs. for slipons, is the same for full pipes. Does it pass emissions and is it under the allowable Db. level?

  11. I put slip on mufflers on mine. There are three options for noise level. If I get too many tickets I can move to a quitter muffler. Ohio is testing now. The cops put a probe in the exhaust if you get pulled over for any violation.

  12. Sorry guys. In South Africa the cops just smile and wave. The chrome blinds and deafens them!

  13. Move to Texas…

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