2017 Chieftain Shifting Problem


OK, I have a 2017 Chieftain with 2700 miles on it. Yesterday I was riding home and it failed to shift from third to fourth (I have a heel shifter). The shift lever was flat on the foot pad and I could neither heel shift or toe shift. Fortunately I was less than a lie from home so I was able to get it to my Garage. When I got home I was able to shift up to fourth gear while sitting still, but when I tried to go to fifth, the shifter was on the foot pad again and the gear shift indicator showed a “- -“ symbol. I could downshift to fourth, third etc… but I am afraid to ride it as I am concerned that there is a bigger problem with the transmission. Any suggestions? I am probably going to take it in on Tuesday when the dealer opens.

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  1. Adjust the heal a little higher.

  2. Yeah. Start with kicking it a little harder. If that doesn’t work, adjust it.

  3. If your sitting still with the motor running and you are trying to shift gears you need to work the clutch lever as well so the gears move in the transmission. You’ll probably get a code about the gear shift sensor that’s from shifting while standing still. You should be able to clear that code under engine diagnostics and if your getting and engine light that should clear after a few engine starts. If your still having problems with the shifter not returning to it’s normal position get it to the dealer.

  4. I’d do that. Only issue I have as far as that goes is with the clutch pulled all the way back, it still doesn’t 100% disengage. When it warms up, it’s fine. But until then, I still have a little forward pull in first.

  5. Call Indian roadside and have it towed to the shop.

  6. Take the junk heel shifter off & shift like any normal shifter. Heel/ toe shifters are junk on every bike they are on!

  7. You have to be Careful with heal shifters, because they are longer there is more leverage and you can strip things out.

  8. Check your shift rod underneath the left floor board….mine bent on my 2017 Indian Roadmaster when I was on a trip from Knoxville Tennessee to Denver Colorado.

  9. Take heel shifter off. Expose more of that beautiful 111.

  10. Heel shifters are for Harley’s. Toe shift and stop stomping gears.

  11. Check the shifter rod under the bike to see if it is bent. It is too thin and will bend if you shift too hard….

  12. I just bent my shift rod two weeks ago too. It’s quite pliable, which makes it easy to bend when stomping on the heel shifter. Look under your left floorboard. Thankfully, it’s very easy to replace.

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