2017 CFMOTO 800 ZForce Power Commander


Here’s my 2017 800 ZForze keeping up with the big boys at the dunes in Oregon. Does anyone know of a power commander that will work for the ZForze? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Look on the accessories part of CFMoto they show a controller that might work for you.

  2. I have the Power Commander V unit. I got it from McCoy Motorsports out of Kentucky

    • I’ve seen those but all I could find was for 2016 and wasn’t sure if it would work for the 2017. I’ll give them a call. Thanks.

  3. How does your utv rack in your truck work? Do you like it? Does it seem top heavy? Just wondering cause I’m thinking of doing the same thing.

    • I wouldn’t say I like it because it is top heavy but it works and it isn’t bad with the trailer attached. The trailer balances the whole thing so their hardly any body roll.

  4. I’m also looking to make a little more power.

  5. Sergio, wanting to take our Z800 to Oregon Dunes. Did you have to swap out tires for paddle tires?

    • I did. I went with a 26” I believe. It didn’t want to go any bigger because I didn’t want to have the motor try and move a bigger tire. It work out great only got stuck once but because my tire pressure was to high. I was going up everything the RZR 1000 was doing. Everyone in our campsite was pretty impressed with my 800 and more when I gave them the price. ? you’ll love it Gary

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