2017 350 EXC-F Skidplates and Barkbusters?


Thanks for the add. Picked my 2017 350 EXC-F over the weekend. First bike I’ve had in a long time. Any recommendations on skidplates and barkbusters?

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  1. i would get mx tires first…

  2. enduro engineering is good tho.

  3. I have the enduro engineering skid plate and it’s nice. Pretty heavy and kind of a pain in the ass to put back on after an oil change (if you’re in a hurry)… also have wrap around acerbis hand guards that are sweet too

  4. Look at Highway Dirtbikes for hand guards, cool system that mounts to the handlebar clamps

  5. i have moose racing handgards came with my husaberg and have saved my hands plenty.

  6. Cyrcra Probends with low-profile plastic. I’ve seen some badass clamps from a company called Bonz that I may try the next time around, as I still have problems with Cycra c-clamps being in the way for cables and such.

  7. HDB stuff is fantastic, but probably overkill on a 350. I have it on my 450XCW and 950SE, both of which are set up as rally bikes. What I liked was being able to integrate mirrors and then flip them out of the way when not using.

  8. Emporer racing makes a some great ones

  9. I’ve got Enduro Engineering for both hand guards and bashplate.

  10. TM skid plate, it’s not “plastic” great protection. Highway DB handguards are great. Except if you ever want to go to the Flexx bar system then they don’t work.

  11. Have fun 😉

  12. Yes they do. Paul D (owner) himself does. So do i.

  13. Pretty much any aluminum skid plate, I just got Enduro engineering brand, very stout

  14. Man , I got hand guards , map switch , and stock bash plate chucked in the deal when I bought mine .

  15. Bonz + pro-bends pretty much bullet proof. the hdb stuff looks good though

  16. I mounted a pair of Tusk hand guards on my son’s 85 recently and they fit perfect. The additional joint on the mount made it so they fit perfect. I have had Moose and MSR guards which I never got to fit as well. I also could not believe the price. Good luck! https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/search?term=Tusk+hand+guards

  17. How do you like suspension so far? Not too soft for moderate off-road terrain hopefully? I’m seriously considering buying one, coming off Yamaha WR250R. Weigh about 195, and sat one one in showroom, and rear seemed to compress quite abit. 2018’s are getting stiffer springs, but with my bad back would be be fine with 17′ set up if not too soft?? Thanks for any feedback

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