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Question..I have a 2016 flstn and I noticed yesterday that my rear tire is in need of replacement its the original tire with 9,200 miles on it. I have a good tire pressure gage and keep on top on my pressure..I drive big truck for a living and a good pre trip is just my way of life 🙂 . anyhow I was out this morning looking at my tire specs and noticed my tire is on backwads as in the roatation arrow is only correct if driving backwards. Would this cause premature ware or does it really matter. In all my years of riding and driving I’ve really never had to think about it because they were always on correctly. Thanks for your input.

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  1. Actually that’s decent mileage out of tire, and typically the direction js for water channeling but it is possible that direction could play a part in wear

  2. Directional tires are made so that the tread will channel water away in only one direction. If they are mounted backwards they will pull more water under the tire, not away from the tire. This will make for slippery driving in wet conditions.

  3. That is roughly the mileage I got on my original Dunlop rear tire on my 2010 Heritage. I’m in my 70’s and a conservative rider. I also checked my tire pressure before every ride. For higher mileage go with a Commander II.

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