2016 Cforce 400 Suspension is Terrible!


Went on a weekend ride with my 2016 Cforce 400 and the suspension is terrible! I knew it was rough, but it seems to have gotten worse over time.
Does anyone know of any decent BUT INEXPENSIVE replacement shocks that I could toss on it? I’m not prepared to spend $1000-$2000 on shocks for a $4k machine. If that’s the case I’ll just upgrade earlier.

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  1. Have you tried adjusting the preload on them to soften them up?

  2. How much ground clearance do you have?
    Could be bottoming out. If you setting low then your springs could be weak or bad
    Depending on how much you weigh. I would only run 4 or 5 psi

    • I dropped them down lower as a test and barely noticed anything. They are at 6 currently. The machine has good clearance. I’m beginning to think that my coils are just crap and settled over time or need maintenance and weren’t very good from the start. I know I should be able to get 4 reasonably good shocks with springs off a Polaris or CanAm for a decent price. I think that’s what I’m going to do.

  3. …and grease your suspension regularly?

    • I have not, but I’m going to look into that now, but even with that, there no flex at all. That thing tossed me around all weekend. A 2018 was there also and they flexed fine. She did say it was still too hard for her as well, but it was much better than mine.

  4. I have the 600 touring and if ur by yourself its rough ride.even with the preloads all the way down

  5. do you have a link and price for the set you just put on?

    • to be clear, after this weekend riding my buddies outlander, I think I’ll be getting one, but I’ll be keeping the 400 for a secondary machine and would prefer it to ride well for my kids or whoever uses it

    • can ams ride like a a cadillac in the trail. My buddies 2020 sportsman 850 does as well.

  6. Are you sure they are at max soft and not max hard? Silly question I know but worth being 100% sure. And yeah grease that thing, if you never grease it the suspension can get tighter as the bushings start to freeze up
    Grease it up good and ride with two people maybe, to help it flex and distribute the grease good. How heavy are you and at what speeds do you ride?

    • it’s all the way soft. It was all the way hard until I changed it. I’ll grease it up and ride it hard to get it moving around. I’m only 160, which I understand is contributing but on other machines it’s night and day. I ride moderately fast but also technical stuff. Recently I’ve had to avoid technical stuff because the suspension just kills the enjoyment of it.

    • I’ve notice the chassis stiffness but am happy with the suspension. Mine is at max hard as I’m heavy and ride it hard and often make her fly 😆 Mine is an ’18 Cforce 500s and man she is a heavy b**ch to get airborne

  7. I found stock Outlander shocks at a great price. I may get them and put them in. Need to take a closer look to see if I’ll need to modify anything first.

  8. After experiencing the CanAm outlander XT first hand, I’m probably going to purchase some 2016 outlander LMax 570 front and rear shocks I found at a great price. They ride amazing and I cannot see why they wouldn’t work well on my 400. The overall length seems to match (17.5” or thereabouts) and have similar travel and other dimensions. The only difference besides being better is they have an exposed stem. Otherwise I THINK they will fit. If anyone knows otherwise pls let me know before I pull the trigger on them

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