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Have a question about top speed. I just purchased a 2015 ZForce 800ex. It will hit 57mph before it hits a "rev limiter". It definitely feels like it has more in it than 57 miles an hour. Is there anything I can do to raise this Top Speed?

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  1. You should be able to go much faster than that…like 71 or 72 mph

  2. That’s kind of what I thought, what could be going on?

  3. It only has 300 miles

  4. Check and make sure the screw above your gas peddle is out of the way. It acts as a governor

  5. I will check this tonight, but it definitely feels like a electronic rev limiter keeping it from going any faster though.

  6. I just bought a new 2016 z800ex and all I can do is 55 . But it don’t hit the rev limiter. It feels like it should have more .

  7. Both you guys need to kick the tach on and see where it tops out at RPM wise. I think the limitor is set somewhere in the 74-7600 range…I forget just where. If you are close to that and it’s in the 50-60 MPH range, your belts are stretched or there is something limiting full clutch shift-out. If you are no where close to that range where it stops, then look to an ECU issue or…you may be maxing-out your air intake. I do hope you and everyone here knows not to use the factory filter as it has killed more engines then anything else. You best get either the Unifilter or the TwinAir on them ASAP. Even a good CFM filter lets .07 micron and smaller particals by. Others have falen apart. They also plug up very fast too.

  8. I’m getting 73 mph consistently out of my 16 800EX, after adjusting the set screw behind the gas pedal of course. What is everyone getting for peak RPM? Highest I’ve seen is about 6300. Only thing I’ve done to it was added a Uni Filter.

  9. Ok thanks . Clark Starr . I only have 30 some miles on mine . Do you have the part number for the unifilter ? I’ll check the set screw behind the pedal .

  10. I’ve done 62mph at 6400 in sand. Prb could have gone faster before running out of space.

  11. Uni filter UP6229ST.

  12. Is there a better filter for the zx600

  13. Consistent 74 mph runs out of our 16

  14. I had my 2015 up to 68/69

  15. My2015 800 tops at 67 with 2 passengers… about 450 lbs

  16. Ok so to report back. I adjusted the throttle screw completely out and turned my gauge to RPMs. It’s still topping out at 55-57mph and reaching 7650 rpms. Which of course is the rev limiter. So what could be going on? Can my belt really be that worn at under 300 miles? And if it can, how can I check this easily? Would this be a warranty covered item?

  17. Mine did 73mph.

  18. I hit 72 and 74mph with mine

  19. Guys, I get that you can go over my posted 57mph, I now know I have a problem so posting top speeds is irrelevant at this point. I appreciate the help thus far for those who pointed me in the right direction!

  20. Well in that case let us know when you can get over 70mph & join the cool kids! Lol

  21. Haha I will pull the belt cover off and inspect. I am surprised to be having issues at 300 miles. Guess it’s the joys of buying a unit used and not knowing the history!

  22. I think allot people run into belt problems by running in high at low speeds. If im doing under 20 for any period , i shift to low , may use more gas but better then screwing up a belt.

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