2015 Zforce 800 Problem


2015 zforce 800. Dealer replaced water pump due to leaking. Now I have a problem with it running hotter than it had before. Any ideas?

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  1. They didn’t get the coolant system burped/free of air im sure.

  2. Best way to do that

  3. I have had good luck with jacking the front end up and letting it out of of the radiator cap. I dont remember if there is a bleeder screw on these off the top of my head

    • There is 2 places to burp it , before even filling coolant up you should open BOTH SCREWS or remove them and then fill with coolant. The screws are on top of each thermostat coolant kneck housing where circled. One on each cylinder. Youll need to remove engine cover in bed to get to them.

  4. It could be the radiator fan switch . I had alot of issues with cooling system and that was the issue.

  5. Check for air locks took me 5 attempts to get rid of them.

    • If you fill as Cfmoto recommends youll have no issues. Was simple to bleed mine. I drained the stock coolant out of mine and BEFORE FILLING, remove engine cover and look in top each cylinder for the thermo housing, there’s screw in each on on top of housing, remove them from each cylinder and slowly fill system with coolant , best to have extra person so they can watch at these holes where screws were removed for coolant to come out.. I did mine this way and had zero issues.

  6. Fan works Never got above 3 4 bars before now constant 4 bars and fan running

  7. So this has 2 thermostats

    • Theres 2 thermostat housings , (one on each head ) so im assuming yes however ive never taken the housing off to look. As you can see in this picture, where my mouse arrow is pointed part # 22 in diagram shows thermostat cover so theres actually one on each cylinder

    • Also you can go alpha sports website and pull up cylinder head diagram and youll see this. On cylinder 2 the thermostat cover is listed as part #8 in diagram.

  8. Bill is correct that’s how I sorted mine.

  9. So crack both these open and ????? Let run or add coolant.

  10. Being yours is already filled ,id probably loosen enough to let air out but not take the screw all the way out.

  11. Let the coolant flow out and bobs your uncle, I got there in the end on mine.

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