2015 YZF R1 Graves Exhaust


Anyone running the graves Moto1 on their 15+ hows it sound and how loud is it? for a titanium slip on and graves name I don't think its badly priced.

2015 YZF R1 Graves Exhaust

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  1. Anything that keeps the cat is going to be relatively quiet. Anything that removes the cat is going to be relatively loud.

    It is one of the few slip ons that isn’t heavier than the OEM muffler, but it’s not really going to make any real gains as long as that cat is there.

    Personally for the money dollar for dollar an MJS cat delete makes more sense than any slip on. Drops 12lbs of weight and the bike sounds amazing. The OEM muffler is titanium, a straight through design, and only 2.1lbs. It’s actually not that bad.

    Beyond that is to go to a 3/4 system, which is as much as around $1000 more and will yield marginal gains per dollar over a cat delete.

  2. Lose the cat it like 14 pounds of power robbing junk!!

  3. Bye bye bye cat

  4. Just ordered a 3/4 graves for my 17 from Chad Bryant Grothaus . You should do the same. You’ll be much better off. Pairing it with a ECU from Nick Marino . The anticipation is killing.

  5. It was loud

  6. The cat doesn’t really do anything for sound damping, or baffling. On some bikes the muffler box does have some baffling which will kill the sound. Your bike with a moto1 exhaust will be rather loud.

    The 3/4 system offered by Graves does gives a good bump mid, and high range in HP. Basically Graves offers three completely different systems for that bike. A slip on, a cat delete system, and a full system. Unlike previous years they do not offer a slip on, and a Y pipe for later purchase. This is because the exit piping from their 3/4 system Y is larger than OEM, making it impossible to offer a "link" system. They did this to get the most power out of the bike.

    With that in mind, if you’re looking into a 3/4 system down the road, I highly suggest getting it all at once. You’ll be robbing yourself of HP if you dont.

  7. Nick you can run any brand "slip on" with an MJS or M4 cat delete mid pipe because it uses the same fitting as the oem muffler. A lot of people have gone this route and it is the lowest cost albeit slightly suboptimal from a pure performance perspective. Again marginal gains and diminishing returns.

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