2015 KTM 300, srick springs and valving


So i set my sag last night.. static is set to 34mm
Manual reccomend between 33-35mm
And race sag is at 109mm
Manual reccomend 105-115 mm

Does putting it in the middle range of allowable sag sound like a good spot for it? Or is there a sweet spot for it?

2015 ktm 300, srick springs and valving(i weigh 77kg with no gear)

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    I've found due to spring sizes and rider weight, it's near impossible to get it exact on a measurement you want so I aim for anywhere within the acceptable range.
    1. Were you fully kitted in all your riding gear, hydration pack, tools etc. when you set the sag?
    2. Did you change all suspension settings to there softest settings prior?
    3. Did you check fork sag as well?

    I found this guide very helpful https://www.teknikmotorsport.com/core/media/media.nl/id.12540/c.1262374/.f?h=60657339fd3f7f22108a&whence&fbclid=IwAR3-OsV7iPTnVE_0Zc0p0dAL8oF-2BcDZ3ovq8MB7q9SbYDSVYLY5UNFqiM


    Yeap i was fully geared, i checked fork sag aswell, cant remember it off top of my head though..
    All clicker settings were set to stock position


    First time I'd read it anywhere, but the above mentioned guide said to set everything to the softest setting prior. I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make, but that's what I did.


    Its a very informative guide, but iv also never seen it said anywhere else, not in any other guide or video iv seen..id imagine making them fully soft would effext the results more so than having them at middle range/stock setting and yiu wouldnt ride it with everyrhing on fully soft setting


    Ive always found more sag the better they seem to steer better

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