2013 XT1000 changing the gearbox


2013 xt 1000 changing the gearbox last owner didnt maintenance it and took out the case I'm hoping I dont need to pull the motor …..anyone have some pointers on how to pull it with out taking the motor out to?

2013 XT1000 changing the gearbox

2013 XT1000 changing the gearbox

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  1. Pretty sure u need to pull engine with it. I havent figured out a way to not pull it yet

  2. My side cover did the same thing 2017 renegade

  3. Gotta yank the motor. Doing that this winter to swap my gearbox. I have the service manual and from the looks of it, it’s not going to be an easy job.

  4. My advice. Get a pressure washer and wash the piss out of it before you think about tearing it apart. But. The trans can be swapped with motor in it. I do it weekly. Tabs on the frame come off. Take motor mount bolts out. And driveshaft bolts out. Slide rear diff back. Take front driveshaft out. Take 2 bolts off that side of airbox. Pick it up and take the throttle body boot off. Slide motor forward. Take trans bolts out. Roll trans up and pull back and the same time. I pull them out driver side.

  5. The real question here is why do you have the transmission out weekly?

  6. I just need some what of a quick turnaround I only have 7 days off a month rest of the time I work so I’m hoping I can have it done in a day or 2 so I can actually get out for a ride on my next days off

  7. You don’t have to pull the motor.

  8. Anyone mind inboxing me some sort of Direction on how without taking the motor out

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