2013 R1200 GSA Issue


Head scratching moment:

2013 R1200 GSA

1. When starting the bike instead of it revving smoothly and sitting at about 1000 rpm, it’s up and down between 1000rpm and 2000rpm, the only way I can describe it is it’s whirring and struggling and running lumpy.

2. When riding, all gears feel sluggish and straining. I have to keep the revs higher than normal just to keep going.

3. If for any reason I pull the clutch in and don’t twist the throttle, the revs drop and then the bike can stall. Only way to keep it going is to maintain high revs.

These are intermittent faults.

Thought was bad fuel – changed garages – No change

Thought it was the battery- checked it and it’s fine.

Thought is was the cold weather – does it when temps are above freezing.

Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions of where to start looking?

Some days it doesn’t happen, sometimes I’m having to struggle just to keeping running.


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  1. What bike is it?

  2. maybe a HT lead breaking down, wouldn’t explain the revs going up but will explain them dropping , and the running lumpy and sometimes stalling

  3. Sounds like a rt1200 had the sane problem found out it was the tps sensor there is a way of cleaning it and testing if you google

  4. Could be a few things, had trouble with my LT, cutting out, not starting, and dying. I had changed the plugs when it was serviced so as a starting point ruled them out. I changed the one fuel hose that I did not change on the service that’s in the petrol tank as they have habit of splitting, checked the HT leads, replaced the coil pack. Put fresh fuel in it and would of changed the fuel filter if I had not changed it on the servicing the bike. I did buy a replacement hall sensor, never got around to changing it as the bike is now running ok.

  5. Sorry bike is a 2013 R1200 GSA

  6. The bike is going in a for a full major service next Thursday

  7. Had same problem on my old 1200 GS Rallye . 12 plate. They changed knock sensors, lambda sensors but problem was with throttle sensor/assembly.

  8. Friend of mine had same problem on his gsa it was an air sensor that took BMW 2 days to suss out I’ve tagged him.

  9. ECU faulty? Hopefully not. If it’s going to a BMW dealer or good independent they should be able to find the fault when it’s plugged into their laptop without changing lots of parts. As said hopefully it’s something simple like a lead or spark plug faulty.

  10. Am taking it to a good independent not BMW

  11. Sounds like a possible stick coil or Lambda probe.

  12. fuel pump going

  13. Whats the chances of the fault showing up on the GS911?

  14. Start with easy stuff: plugs, leads, coils. Then TPS and other sensors imho. Unlikely to be fuel, but a duff injector is a possibility I suppose.

  15. Reminds me of an air leak in one of your pipes affecting the fuel air mix.

  16. So happens I have a gs911 professional for sale this will read the codes no problem!

  17. Sounds lime the TPS. Or could be the idle map switch. If your going along and pull the clutch in at 30 or so. Does the revs still bounce or does it do it only when you come to a stop

  18. David Beemer Wildman ……. I think Sir, you may be correct.Just found this and all of the below are correct:Where the TPS malfunctions (particularly due to water ingress), symptoms may include: Erratic throttle response (the engine may ‘snatch’ or ‘jerk’ at low revs).Misfires at low engine speeds and under acceleration.¬∑ The engine dies at idle, and can only be kept idling by keeping the throttle above idle position. Grey exhaust smoke when starting from cold.Higher-than-normal fuel consumption which seems to start quite suddenly.All of the above are what happens, word for word.So best get a new TPS. Any recommendations where to buy and are they easy to fit / install or is it a mechanics jobs?? Cheers for the help everyone.

  19. Throttle position sensor?

  20. Or it’s a BMW what do you expect, that’s what the BMW technician said to me!

  21. could be rectifier breaking down or battery

  22. Can’t it be claimed on the warranty? I claimed on a broken rear diff on a 4 year old bike the paid for the part and I fitted it.\nTook a bit of doing but it was common fault. So see if it’s a common fault

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