2013 R1 hiflo oil filter


2013 r1 hiflo oil filter what yall think? no more yamaha filter

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Answers ( No )

  1. What you mean no Yamaha filter

  2. OEM, Amsoil, and HiFlo I’ll run. You’re good with HiFlo.

  3. I only use Hi-Flo, 0 problems with them.

  4. I use hiflo on my road bike, never had a problem

  5. Guys i have some hiflo sitting here left from my 5jj..think the part # is HF303? Anyway do you know if they will fit my ’09? Thanks.

  6. I run hiflo in mine as well

  7. Nothing wrong with Hiflo

  8. I run Hiflo on the race bike too…no issues

  9. I’ve seen nothing but problems with hiflo where I live, anything from the seals breaking down after 200 miles to blown motors I’ll never run anything but oem or amsoil

  10. 3 filters I’d trust. Amsoil, hiflo or oem

  11. Thanks I got oem after 3 shops

  12. used hiflo for 3 oil changes, no problems

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