2012 KTM 250XC Brake Issue


Help! My bike has sat for a couple of months and I have zero front brake. Is this a common problem with the 2012 ktm 250xc? No leaks anywhere either, master is full of fluid.

Rodney van Rooyen:

Hi. Yes common problem on all KTM’s I’ve owned. Try loosening the bolts on the reservoir, then pump the brake a bunch of times, should come rite, if not will have to bleed a bit. Suggestion is to either ride much more often or simply take a cable tie and tie the front brake leaver a little tight so the brake engages a bit, should help if standing for a long period.

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  1. My 2007 is the same way right now

  2. Tie the lever back to the grip overnight. It will be fixed. You will have to store it tied back, if you let it sit a few weeks. KTM sell a gizmo that goes over the lever and hooks around the grip. I’ve had 12 KTMs and only 1 had this issue.

  3. Don’t even need a screwdriver. Just kneel down and with the palm of your hand push the caliper in. Then pump the lever. Should come right back

  4. Kneel down and push the caliper in with your knee. Short little quick pumps of the brake lever and it will come right back.

  5. I’ve had two KTMs, and both have done what your up against. (Stored in an enclosed traile). Just part of owning a superior bike

  6. Iv’e never had that problem with 4 ktm’ s

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