2012 Fatboy electrical issue


2012 fatboy lo here. Electrical issue… when I ride my rear running lights shut off randomly (more often then not now) and I can’t figure out why.. it’s only when I ride. When the bike is sitting the lights will normally work or turn back on and won’t shut off. But I am still able to use my brakes and blinkers…

I have deleted the original taillight and am just using my rear blinkers as Run/turn/brake lights. But still the issue is there.

Also the lights on my speedo/tach will shut off when the rears shut off. But the gauges still work…

I thought I narrowed it down to the blue wire (running light). But I don’t see anything wrong with it under the seat and I can’t figure this out.

Any help would be great.


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    sounds like a loose ground to me


    I had a similar issue with my 13 lo…I replaced the ignition switch with an aftermarket one for $43 and it solved the problem…try moving it around when the lights go out and see If they come back on…it should not have any play in it .


    And show a side view of that bike…the rear fender and pipes are what I want for mine…


    Old pipe though.



    Hmmmm 2 possible ideas. 1 is if the wire runs under fender it may be rubbing against the tire and causing a short. I had an issue like this when clip broke.
    Second may be worth looking at. Your rear break line has a switch thing to it. Replacement requires a bit about of work (easy though). However if you disconnect it the front break will still make the rear lights work. But if it is broken and connected it will be problematic and breaks won't work or act funny. Found this is a known issue by dealer service but they don't say anything rather charge you 2 hrs labor. Literally the work around was 2 min. Not sure if what you have going on but may be worth ruling out


    Do you ride with a get back whip? Or have you changed from the stock levers?


    I had pretty much the same issue….



    mine was doing that after i lowered it. On further inspection I found my tire had been rubbing against my wires inside the fender. I'm sure you've already checked that, but spiratic on/off would suggest poor connection to me.

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