2012 engine into a 2008 (YZF R1)


Does anyone know how difficukt it would be to mount a 2012 engine into a 2008?

Im milling through the forums right now for some details on this and there's pretty much nothing on the subject.

2012 engine into a 2008 (YZF R1)

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  1. because its a shit ton and not a viable mod lol not when you can pick up a replacement engine cheap enough now

  2. Just wondering. Lol. I didn’t think it would bolt right up but if it did how great would that be

  3. But the crack is soo good! I have to enjoy my time in California

  4. What the hell even happened to the motor?

  5. The one in mine? The crank decided it didn’t want to be straight anymore

  6. Why the fuck would you do that lol

  7. So pull the damn thing apart and get a new block?

  8. That’s what I’m going to do I just wanted to know if it was possible. Ghez what’s wrong with asking a question here.

  9. Hahaha just busting your balls. Nah fuck that that would be probably more costly and time effective to just get another. Parts would be a lot

  10. Yep. Found it on the good old forums, says it’s too big and too different. Even if I tried I would have a tube frame at the end of it trying to make it fit. Lol

  11. Just get the right motor. Don’t make it hard on yourself.

  12. According to eBay a Mercedes v6 will fit. This search engine is as bad as my motor swap idea

  13. Will fit

  14. look at the pictures of the two motors.. front mounts way diff, throttle body spacing diff too.

  15. 08 motor is stronger than cross plane anyways.

  16. Why , the 4c8 motor is better…

  17. The power band and outright power is in no way better. It’s not even a possible point to argue. Plain and simple if it was better then Yamaha wouldn’t have wasted the RnD for the cross plane and they are as hell wouldn’t cripple their racers with it in MotoGP or WSBK

  18. Beside the mount fab no electrical clips will be mated. To the engine…doable but a time consuming pain in the ass. Just replace the 4c8 boss.

  19. 09+ motor is wider

  20. That’s about like putting Rossie ODonnel in a Smart Car……

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