2012 CBR 1000RR Tire Advice


Looking for my next set. Contemplating diablo Rosso 3

I currently have Michelin pilot 3’s

2012 cbr1k

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  1. Have them on my 08 and love them but if I could do it over again I’d buy the power rs

  2. I have the super corsas on my 07, no complaints!

  3. Q3+ from me as well

  4. Just got the battle axe s21 and so far I really like them. Coming from the rossos

  5. Depends on how u ride, but for the money / grip provided standard q3 is hard to beat. Just don’t try to commute. Although the q3+ may have made mileage/flat spotting better I have not personally tried any yet.

  6. I love the rosso 3s . I have done a few track days on my 14 CBR 1000 with them and on my R6 and still love them.

  7. Thanks everyone, ended up going with the pirellis

  8. Jus put em on my wifes 16 1krr and I love em and she loves em… she’s a Q3 person and loves these

  9. Have them on my cbr1000rr n it’s d best set ever. I had rosso2 before but it didn’t last like the 3. It’s sticky, warm up really fast n plenty grip at turns. Also so much confident when ride under rain

  10. Supercorsa sp the best!!!! 195/50 Obviously

  11. This bike I ride often. Rain, colder climates, mostly highway miles

  12. Bridgestone S21 Evo are my tire of choice these days.. The Q3+ are a great tire too.. Your tire choice should also depend on how you ride..

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