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Good morning fellow Riders, I have a 2010 GL 1800 that started to do something rather odd and wanted to check to see if anyone else has experienced this? The issue is that after riding for a while and stopping for perhaps gas or a quick break, when I start the engine back up it goes at a very rough idle. The idle will just go up and down in RPM and getting darn close to stalling but never actually stalls. , It will settle down after a while. again, it only does this after the engine has warmed up and you shut the engine down and then restart. It never does this when it is cold. It’s done this a few times now and I am just wondering if this should be of any concern?

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  1. Run a can of sea foam through your tank and see if it improves.

  2. Lu Venci, how many miles on the bike? When was the last time the air filter was changed? Did the problem start shortly after the last filter change?

    • Honestly I just acquired the bike back in July. History unknown as the previous owner has passed. The bike has 60,000 miles on it. This problem just started a couple weeks ago and I’ve noticed it maybe three times so far. The bike runs perfectly fine otherwise.

  3. This is a bit of a long shot. Under the Top Shelter, (the false gas tank), is the AIT sensor. (Air Intake Temperature sensor). I had a similar problem to yours although it didn’t necessarily happen after restarting the bike. I believe it was caused by the plug to the sensor being loose. The photo shows where it is located on a 2001, it may or may not be the same as on your bike. One other suggestion, the next time it happens try loosening the gas cap to release any pressure in the tank or, if there is a vacuum, to allow air into the tank.

  4. Try an ECM reset, mine started acting goofy after a wash. The reset fixed it.

  5. Ecm reset

  6. You need to do to ECM reset. Cold engine. Start and do not touch the throttle. Let idle until the fans cycle on then when the fans cycle off turn off the bike.

  7. Also when you go to start the bike always let the FI light go out. This allows the sensors do their prestart check of conditions

  8. I have found that if I wait for all of the lights and marquees to go through their cycle, the likelihood of the condition you describe is greatly reduced.

  9. I turn my key on ,put my helmet on ,gloves ,then hit the start button everytime..lets the sensors,computer etc.boot up..

  10. Ok so good tips from many of you. I have always hastily started the engine upon turning the key on. I will no longer do that. I do not have an FI light so perhaps the older models did? I am attaching a photo of all the lights to come on when I first turn the key on. Also, I just completed the ECM reset and that seems to have solved the issue for what I can tell. I’ll know more as time goes on.

    • There is a PGM-FI malfunction indicator lamp . It illuminates for a second or two when the key is first turned on for the POST, (Power On Self Test). If it does not, you may need to replace the bulb. Check the owner’s manual for it’s location, it should be under the engine temperature gauge to the right of the low oil pressure indicator.

    • But which is the FI light?

    • The FI light is a GL1800’s version of a “check engine” light. It is similar to what many cars have. If a fault is indicated in the PGM-FI system (programmed fuel injection), the light will come on while operating the m/c. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool. As Bill said above, it comes on for 5 secs anytime the key is turned to the on position. During that time it is doing its self test. Oh … thought you were asking what it is. As for where it is located … it depends on the year. Your Owner’s Manula will give you your best direction. Owner’s Manual > Index > gauges & indicators. Sorry, it looks like you are riding a newer Wing then mine, and don’t have a newer Owner’s Manual to tell you where yours is.

    • Greg Peterson ok it is the last one on the right It is a pic of an engine. It does go out after 3 seconds. And it never comes on after.

    • Lu Venci, thanks for the reminder. I forgot that the newer Wings have a light that looks like an engine and not one that says “FI.”

  11. Interesting. My 08 runs great but after riding for a while and restarting it sometimes runs rough for a few seconds as I pull off. So y’all are saying to give it a few seconds at idle to let ecm reset itself?
    This is great information. My condition exactly! So how do I fix ?

  12. What % ethanol fuel are you using? According to a Honda dealer in high ethanol areas, water from condensation and other sources accumulates in your gas tank. When the volume of water gets to where it gets drawn into the carb, the engine will run poorly like you describe. The dealer recommended an octane booster that allows the water/ethanol to combine and burn with the fuel. After running 1 oz. of this through a full tank, the problem seems to go away for 60,000 miles or until you get some more high ethanol gas. I also agree with the comments to let your bike warm up on initial start until the rpms drop on their own before cranking the throtle.

  13. Stopped at a test stop after several miles on the interstate. Got back on the bike, started her up. Heard the same thing. RPM slowed down, went up, slowed down and shut off. Doesn’t do this on first start, just after running for several miles and restart. Full of gas. Probably 10% alcohol. Start it up and hit the road with problem. Just keep the rpm’s up.

  14. Be careful not to over fill the tank,you may have a charcoal canister saturated.

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