2009 CBR1000RR ABS


2009 CBR1000 w/ ABS. Light comes on here and there when I squeeze the front lever either too quick or too hard. Anyone have an idea what the issue may be? Or how to block off the ABS system in general?

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  1. I don’t have a bike with abs, but it’s my understanding that they are supposed to do that. And pulling the fuse will disable the abs

  2. I had this problem. Bleeding the brakes seemed to help in the short term until it happened again, and again. What I think finally worked was replacing the fluid, including removing the calipers and pouring out the fluid in them. The brakes are solid for about a year, depending on how hard I am on them, and them I do it again when the problem comes back.

  3. Its a known problem on those years mine is a 2011 and I had the same issue ! I rode it for a season with the fuse off and it was working perfectly so the following winter I removed the abs system and replaced it with a ss braided line

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