2008 softail exhaust question


ok so question for all yall, doing a new exhaust in the next prob 4-6 weeks (its being built) going to a 2 into 1 from my big radius 2 into 1, i currently use the orange screaming eagle tuner, my question is do i switch to like a power vision tuner or is this still good and i just do a new dyno tune? bike is a 2008 softail, stock motor just screamin eagle intake and the exhaust

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Answers ( No )

  1. If you still have the box then just a a dyno. As long as you have that it will map your bike at the best mixture and tune no matter the exhaust or air cleaner

  2. ok now next question is it the end of the world to not retune when changing considering i already have a custom tune for the larger exhaust, just not the 2 into 1?

  3. That I don’t know, I know on my 14 street glide I went from high output duals to a side dump without a new dyno

  4. and i know its a horrible question and i know its frowned upon and i should smack myself for asking im just wondering if it is really going to see a gain doing a retune or anything

  5. No it’s not, I went through the same thing with my other bike

  6. I think it’s more of a mixture problem if anything, I would make a few runs with it before I would tune it and note how it idled and watch for any pipe redness or something

  7. right on so i will prob be fine, just watch it and if anything i can pull a plug and make sure they are burning correctly.

  8. Yeah for sure.

  9. cool beans, and the new exhaust is basically a one off so its not like i can just grab a tune or anything ya know?

  10. Yeah but that’s why the dyno mapping is good it will put it exactly where it needs to be which is the best but so many dealerships bullshit on a dyno price

  11. yea thats my issue as well the tuning is not cheap and im just not sold that its worth the 500/600 i believe it is around me

  12. Yeah unless it’s crazy off I wouldn’t

  13. i think thats the plan

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