2008 KTM 144 SX


Master link broke and tore into my clutch slave cylinder cover as well as the left side crankcase. Any suggestions for a new slave cylinder cover? Also if anyone has a left crankcase cover for a 2008 KTM 144sx let me know.

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  1. Which way was your master link clip pointed?

  2. Thats why I don’t run that guard. Beef one thing up and it breaks another…

  3. You should replace both case halves, as they come as a machined pair

  4. Looks like it’s got some wicked chain rub but held together. What’s not working? Why replace any of it on that vintage bike if it’s not damaged beyond use?

  5. I have a topar racing slave cylinder guard. Hopefully I never have to see if it works.

  6. Enduro engineering

  7. Lots of people on EBay parting out bikes. I purchased one for a 2010 Husaberg a few years back. Probably find one there.

  8. Try running the master link flat plate and clip on the inside of the chain. When the rear chain guide gets blasted it rubbs on the outside of the chain. It moves farther away from the inside, the clip and pins that it clips into won’t wear out nearly as quick.

  9. The left side case is the hardest to find. Everyone screw up the slave mounting bolts. What size front sprocket were you running? It looks like it’s be rubbing a long time.

  10. Dremel tool. Grind the guards down. Done.

  11. I’d run it

  12. If your left side case isn’t cracked I wouldn’t sweat it. I’ve seen some in pretty haggard shape that people keep running with no issues. A couple of gouges won’t hurt anything. Look into the press on master links and never look back. Once you use a press on master link you’ll never use a conventional one again.

  13. Just run it. Looks like the guard did it’s job.

  14. If your that worried id weld it but if it isnt cracked id just leave it be and carry on

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