2008 KTM 125 SX


Help! I have a 2008 KTM 125 SX. Recently, I installed a new top and bottom end. Everything went back together smooth, but now the clutch will not completely disengage. Prior to the rebuild it was a little squishy, but now it’s much worse. I rebuilt the master cylinder and the slave cylinder, used all new fluid and I’ve bled it every way possible. It’s gotten a little better but it’s far from good. Any suggestions??

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  1. Did we forget a washer in the throw out assembly ?

  2. The slave gasket is available in three different thicknesses (0.3, 0.5 and 0.75 mm). Perhaps try a thinner gasket?

  3. The little ball bearing that goes inside the slave Rod is missing

  4. Rebuilt the bottom-end on my son’s 105SX a few years ago. Similar symptoms; turned out to be the clutch hub nut was over-torqued, even though I used a torque wrench set to service manual specs. Service manager figured it out. I never would have guessed it.

  5. Did you try bleeding with a syringe from the bottom up? The thinner slave gasket mentioned above is a great idea if it’s led correctly and still has issues.

  6. I just ran into this in March and in my case it was the hub nut torque

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